Meraeador Dunsin Fa-Doch

Race Human
Gender Male
Age 20 (Chapter 1)
28 (Chapter 2)
31 (Chapter 3)
Class Inventor
Element FireFire
Place of Origin Goznor, Belfan
Weapon None
Alignment Neutral Good

Game DescriptionEdit

Chapter 1 Description

  • Goznor’s resident eccentric Inventor. He s-s-speaks with a s-s-s-stutter. He’s a skilled machinist, and spends most of his time constructing odd clockwork mechanical creatures. He claims that one day they’ll be used in homes and on battlefields all over Belfan, though he despises the latter part if it’s true. He’s a pacifist, y’see. Though most of the inhabitants of Goznor shun him due to their fear of the unknown and the unnatural, Mardek and Deugan have taken an interest in his work, for which he is glad.



Inventions (Chapter 3)Edit

For more information, see Inventions (Skills)
Thermal Spanner|Element: FIRE
Silver Mirror|Element: LIGHT
Golden Mirror|Element: LIGHT
Flamethrower|Element: FIRE
Gas-O-Matic|Element: EARTH
Sleep-O-Matic|Element: AIR
Potion Spray|Element: WATER
Drill-O-Matic|Element: PHYSICAL


  • In Chapter 3, Gloria and Meraeador seem to have feelings for each other. However, they are 14 years of age apart.