Not to be confused with MARDEK

Mardek Innanu El-Enkidu
Mardek in a playoff
Mardek as child

Race Human
Gender Male
Age 10 (Chapter 1)
18 (Chapter 2)
21 (Chapter 3)
Class Wannabe Hero (Chapter 1)
Recruit (Chapter 2)
Royal Knight (Chapter 3)
Element LightLight
Place of Origin Goznor, Belfan
Weapon Sword
Alignment Lawful Good

Game DescriptionEdit

Chapter 1 Description

  • Well, he’s a young boy from Goznor, who, together with his best friend Deugan, wishes to one day become a Grand Adventurer and go on quests and save people. As it is though, all he can do is pretend until he’s old enough to go on a REAL adventure. He’s a bit dim at times, but he’s well-meaning and has a big heart.



Mardek has several skill sets throughout the whole series.

Powers (Chapter 1)Edit

For more information, see Powers
Smite Evil |Element: LIGHT
Shock |Element: AIR
Recover |Element: LIGHT

Imagination (Chapter 1)Edit

For more information, see Imagination
Strike |Element: PHYSICAL
Huff-Puff |Element: PHYSICAL

Magic Sword (Chapter 2 and 3)Edit

For more information, see Magic Sword
Heal |Element: LIGHT
Regen |Element: LIGHT
Remove Taint |Element: LIGHT
Remove Evil |Element: LIGHT
Shield |Element: LIGHT
M. Shield |Element: LIGHT
Fire Slash |Element: FIRE
Water Slash |Element: WATER
Air Slash |Element: AIR
Earth Slash |Element: EARTH
Warp |Element: LIGHT


  • Very often, Mardek will start sentences with the word "well". This is even to the point where he will start a sentence with well even if it doesn't make sense. Even his chapter 1 description starts with well.
  • In Chapter 3, Mardek begins wearing a strange helmet covers most of his face with the exception of his mouth and chin. This is mostly likely done to cover his eyes from being seen, so that when Rohoph speaks, nobody can see his eyes glow bright white.
  • The game is called MARDEK in all capital letters in order to avoid confusion between the character and the game.