Jacques Ae-Sualeux

Race Human
Gender Male
Age 23 (Chapter 1)
31 (Chapter 2)
34 (Chapter 3)
Class Guard Captain
Element AirAir
Place of Origin Aree, Belfan
Weapon Rapier
Alignment Lawful Good

Game DescriptionEdit

Chapter 1 Description

  • The Guard Captain of Goznor, and member of the Royal Guard. He’s a skilled warrior, hence his position as Captain, but he considers his job dull, which it is, and aspires for a higher rank with more adventuring involved. Despite his annoyance with his current position though, he maintains a bright and cheery outlook on things.


Jacques is the Guard Captain of Goznor. His job is to guide and teach the new Royal Guard recruits and hopefully although them to join the Royal Guard. He used to work in the barracks of Goznor, but between Chapters 1 and 2, he was promoted and works in Castle Goznor. He has a very heavy French accent.

In Chapter 1, he does not affect the plot in any way. However, if Mardek speaks to him, he will reveal that he has heard rumors about Enki, Mardek's father, being sited. In Chapter 2, he plays a minor role in the plot. Since he is the Guard Captain, he is in charge of training the new recruits, as in, Steele, Emela, Sharla, Donovan, Mardek, and Deugan. However, once they have finished their training, Jacques is no longer important to the story. In Chapter 3, Jacques plays an even smaller role. He now gives Mardek Medals based on achievements that he has, well, achieved.


  • Jacques is the only character in the game who uses a "Rapier" as a weapon
  • Jacques comes from Aree. However, Aree is never spoken of in the entire game.