Despite the fact that none of the houses in Goznor have plumbing of any kind, the town has an extensive underground sewer complex! It’s full of vile rat monsters. The oldest parts of the sewers have been sealed off because they became a den for vicious monsters.

Goznor Sewers

Located Nation: Gonoroth
Continent: Hadris
Planet: Belfan
Made Available In Chapter 1
Music Dungeon I




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Chapter 1Edit

The Goznor Sewers are an "optional" area in Chapter 1. They are necessary to travel to if you accept Meraeador's sidequest to get 5 LeadPipes. This can be done by defeating Fumerats.

Chapter 2Edit

In Chapter 2, the Goznor Sewers play a major part. Mardek and his party must travel through the sewers in order to reach the Catacombs and defeat Moric and stop the Zombie invasion of Goznor.

Chapter 3Edit

It is impossible to reach the sewers in Chapter 3 because the ladder down to the sewers is blocked by an NPC.

Places of InterestEdit

Treasure ChestsEdit

  • 5 Antidotes
    • In the Southwest corner
  • 74 Gold
    • Left at the 3-Way Intersection in the North
  • 1 CopperRing
    • Right at the 3-Way Intersection in the North
  • 2 Potions
    • Right at the 3-Way Intersection in the North


Fumerat Miasmurine Zombie Pestilent Ooze Corpse Drinker PoorGoblin





  • In Chapter 3, there is a zombie NPC blocking the path to the Goznor Sewers. His name is Laddy and he claims to have woken up on a boat, found a scroll, but he couldn't read it because he forgot how to read, and met a blind person. This is a parody of the game Sonny, who woke up on a boat, found a casette tape, but couldn't listen to it because he didn't have a radio to play it, and met a blind person.