Race Human
Gender Male
Age 27 (Chapter 1)
35 (Chapter 2)
38 (Chapter 3)
Class Medium Priest
Element WaterWater
Place of Origin Goznor, Belfan
Weapon None
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Game DescriptionEdit

Chapter 1 Description

  • Gallovar is the Medium Priest of Yalortism in the Goznor region of Belfan. He preaches the word of the Holy Dragon to all those who will hear. He’s seen as sort of a sagely father figure, and his counsel is sought by people of all ages seeking guidance. His eyes are solid glowing green, as proof of his devotion to YALORT and the reality of the power he’s received from his deity.


Gallovar is a good and straightforward man. He is very open and doesn't have much to hide. Although he is rarely spoken to within the game, he seems to always speak kindly to others.


  • Gallovar is the only Water elemental character in Chapter 1
  • After Goznor gets attacked by Zombies in Chapter 2, if you talk to Gallovar again, he will give you a Yalortian Amulet.
  • Gallovar has the ability to heal Mardek and his party if they speak to him. However, this is quite useless as there is a Save Crystal right outside of the monastery where Gallovar is.