Deugan Selmae Eh-Deredu
Deugan in a playoff
Deugan as child

Race Human
Gender Male
Age 10 (Chapter 1)
18 (Chapter 2)
21 (Chapter 3)
Class Wannabe Hero (Chapter 1)Recruit (Chapter 2)
Element EarthEarth
Place of Origin Goznor, Belfan
Weapon Greatsword
Alignment Neutral Good

Game DescriptionEdit

Chapter 1 Description

  • Mardek’s best friend, and “adventuring partner”. Together the two boys aspire to be Grand Adventurers like their hero Social Fox going on adventures and saving people from dragons and such. Deugan’s more level-headed and analytical than his friend, and tends to take things more seriously. Though he can become slightly exasperated by Mardek’s dim-witted, carefree brashness at times, he’s still very loyal to him and values their friendship deeply.



Deugan has several skill sets throughout the series.

Powers (Chapter 1)Edit

Shock|Element: AIR Sunder|Element: EARTH Pyromagia|Element: FIRE Frostasia|Element: WATER

Imagination (Chapter 1)Edit

Strike|Element: PHYSICAL Huff-Puff|Element: PHYSICAL

Spellbladery (Chapter 2)Edit

Power Attack|Element: PHYSICAL Earth Slash|Element: EARTH Boost|Element: FIRE Barrier Break|Element: DARK Spiritblade|Element: AETHER


  • In Chapters 1 and 2, Deugan acts as the games "tutorial", giving quick tips, pointers, and instructions at the very beginning of each chapter, and in both games, Mardek will fail to understand what Deugan is talking about because in the game, they don't have actually have menus or keyboard keys.