Derek Fa-Gardon

Race Human
Gender Male
Age 41 (Chapter 1)
49 (Chapter 2)
52 (Chapter 3)
Class Shopkeeper
Element FireFire
Place of Origin Goznor, Belfan
Weapon None
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Game DescriptionEdit

Chapter 1 Description

  • Deugan’s father. He’s merely a shopkeeper, unlike Mardek’s Adventurer father; a fact that secretly bothers his son deep down.


Derek is the father of Deugan and the husband to Polly. He is the owner of the weapon shop in Goznor, but he gets very little business because no one in Goznor wishes to purchase weapons (Except Deugan and Mardek). In Chapter 3, he closes down his shop and can be found in his home grieving over the death of his son with Polly. He closes down his shop because he does not wish to sell instruments of death, meaning that less people will suffer the loss that he and his wife have just suffered.


  • Despite owning the weapon shop of Goznor, Derek himself doesn't use a weapon to fight with.
  • It is impossible to talk to Derek in Chapter 2.
  • Chapter 2 is the only time Mardek and his party can purchase weapons from Derek's shop (In Chapter 1 Mardek is too young, and in Chapter 3 it is closed down).